Location: Trebah Garden
Client: 26 Flavours of Cornwall
Collaborator: Fiona Egglestone
Completed: July 2011

This light sculpture was created in collaboration with the writer Fiona Egglestone as part of 26 Flavours of Cornwall, an initiative created by the writers' association 26, in conjunction with Cornwall Design Forum and the University of Falmouth. The project saw 26 pairs of designers and writers work together to create a range of pieces inspired by the unique and varied food and drink of Cornwall, from clotted cream to pasties.

Fiona and I were given 'Wine' as our subject and, motivated by a visit to Camel Valley Vineyard, we set about creating our piece. Drawing on one of the concepts from Fiona's writing, which focused on the 'dancing flavours' of sparkling wine, I was inspired to celebrate the theme by drawing with light.

The final piece is an installation consisting of three hand-textured acrylic panels, each of which is lit along the top edge with blue or green LED strip. The front panel features a hand etched poem, while the background panels are patterned with freehand textures, which emulate the complex flavours of the sparkling wine and the feelings they evoke.

The project was first exhibited at Trebah Garden in Mawnan Smith, but over the next few months it also travelled to the Lander Gallery in Truro, The Eden Project in St. Austell, The Poly in Falmouth, and the Lifeboat Gallery at Porthleven.

Photo credits: Slavek Leszczynski and Eleanor Bell