Location: Cornwall, UK
Completed: May 2016
Client: Anthony Fagin

The brief for this project required a scheme to be designed and installed that incorporated a range of fixtures suitable for lighting a large collection of artworks, sculpture and artefacts. Anthony Fagin, an artist who has lived in many different countries, wanted to highlight his own works as well as those he had gathered over the years.

I installed a variety of fittings, including LED strip, which I used in the smaller shelving unit to evenly light a range of objects, and spotlights and recessed LEDs, which draw attention to specific pieces. The largest shelving unit, which Anthony refers to as the 'Cabinet of Curiosities', is lit using seven spotlights, which are discreetly arranged behind a beam to highlight the eclectic collection of artefacts.

All the fixtures are 2700K warm white LEDs, which provide bright but gentle lighting perfect for showing off the collection. Each fixture is unobtrusively placed so as not to distract from the pieces on display, and they are fully adjustable, which means that the lighting scheme can change and evolve alongside Anthony's collection.

Photography credit: Anthony Fagin