Location: Brain of Brian Office Barge, Penryn
Client: RobotMother
Collaborator: Mark Harris Furniture
Completed: November 2013

The Brain of Brian office barge's open plan working space incorporates a communal eating area, which is lit by the feature Crane Light, a special commission made for the project.

Due to the height and complex shape of the barge's ceiling, the area couldn't easily be lit using the LED panels or pendants that were used for rest of the barge, so the space needed to be approached more creatively. The mezzanine level above the eating space gave a perfect opportunity to mount an arm light over the table.

I constructed the Crane Light in collaboration with Mark Harris. The arm section of the fixture is made of a section of galvanised conduit, salvaged from the renovation of the adjacent Jubilee Warehouse, another of RobotMother's projects. Andrew Marston, the owner of RobotMother, particularly liked the section of conduit for its unusual shape, so I sought to create a fixture that was both functional and attractive, whilst still in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the office.

By recycling part of the original building, a tangible link has been created between the Brain of Brian and Jubilee Warehouse builds, as well as encapsulating the ethos of sustainability that underpins all of RobotMother's projects.

Photo Credits: Graham Gaunt