Location: Falmouth, UK
Client: Henry Swanzy Ltd
Completed: April 2014

It's perhaps difficult to imagine a sophisticated party amongst the utilitarian trappings of a furniture workshop. However, this was exactly what was needed for the celebration of the opening of Henry Swanzy's new wharf-side workshop, where the bespoke furniture maker would also be displaying a recently-launched range of designer pieces.

For the event, I was tasked with designing a temporary lighting scheme that would create a relaxed atmosphere in an industrial warehouse setting, as well as making a feature of the furniture pieces that would be on show.

Using spotlights temporarily mounted on the steel beams of the workshop with clamps, I focused on pooling light around the furniture. This created dramatic shadows on the bare walls and floors that highlighted the handcrafted lines of the pieces, and drew attention to the juxtaposition of Henry Swanzy's delicate designer creations and the heavy industrial machinery of the workshop.

Vintage fixtures were used to highlight to the Pollyfox Trestle Table, which was lit from above with a refurbished pendant light, and three Conker Occasional Tables which were arranged as a feature and dramatically lit using two refurbished 1920s heat lamps and a reclaimed tripod theatre light. By using these industrial vintage fixtures, I was able to create striking feature lighting that was in-keeping with the warehouse aesthetic of the workshop.

Photo Credits: Ben Mostyn and Eleanor Bell