Location: London, UK
Completed: March 2013
Landscape Designer: Daniela Coray
Private Residence

Designed by Daniela Coray, this garden in London, is beautiful, multi-functional, and wildlife-friendly. With a focus on soft landscaping and native plant species, the garden incorporates two wildlife pools amongst the plants.

I was commissioned to design and install a lighting scheme that extended the use of the garden, both practically and visually. As the kitchen, which overlooks the garden, is on the first floor, imaginative lighting is a perfect way to create a visual spectacle at night, as well as providing atmospheric light for late evenings in the seated areas of the garden.

To highlight the structure of the wildlife pools, I lined the inside of the oak edging with bright pink light tape, which reflects off the water and creates a striking feature in the dark. LED spike spotlights are placed in the planted sections of the garden, while the steps that lead up to the house are lit from beneath with LED strip.