Location: Penryn, UK
Client: Miss Peapod's Café
Completed: September 2013

Miss Peapod's, an award-winning kitchen café based at Jubilee Wharf, is situated on the banks of the river at Penryn. The brief called for a lighting scheme designed to take advantage of these stunning views and to create a welcoming outdoor space for visitors even at night, particularly during the venue's Friday evening meals and popular live music events.

As a nod to the nautical history of the port Miss Peapod's overlooks, I designed a cluster of six large globe lights, evocative of harbour buoys, which hang from chains over the sheltered seating area of the outdoor terrace. With an atmospheric glow of coloured light from the heart of each globe, the array changes colour slowly during the evenings, from warm oranges and pinks through to cool blues and greens.

The decking area is lined with LED strip, which runs around the underside of the railing to avoid glare and to create soft, ambient light to match the relaxed mood of the café. To avoid light pollution of the area, the LED strip is low level - only 5 watts per metre - and angled downward, making it unobtrusive and eco-friendly, in keeping with the sustainable ethos of the building, which also has solar panels and wind turbines.

Miss Peapod's has since closed and it has become Muddy Beach, a family-owned café, restaurant and bar with a focus on locally sourced food. The interior hasa Scandinavian feel, and the lighting scheme still warms the dark evenings on the terrace.

Photo credits: Graham Gaunt