Location: Jubilee Warehouse, Penryn, UK
Client: Robotmother
Architects: Peter Skerrett, Marraum
Collaborator: Mark Harris Furniture
Completed: June 2014

At the centre of Robotmother's Jubilee Warehouse, an industrial retrofit providing studio spaces for creative businesses, there is a large communal atrium. To fill this central space, I designed the Ring Light and it was constructed in collaboration with Mark Harris. Designed to pull the focus down from the five metre high glass ceiling during dark evenings, the Ring Light hangs at eye level above the oversized table, made for shared eating and meetings.

It measures 2.5 metres in diameter and is made of a combination of eco-resin, plywood and rolled aluminium. The bespoke coloured ecoresin is made of 40% recycled materials, to match the Warehouse's sustainability agenda.

The project brief called for an installation that created a warm atmosphere while maintaining the industrial aesthetic of the rest of the building. The curved shape of the Ring Light, along with the warm colours of the resin (chosen to emulate the exposed steel and brick of the atrium), soften the angular lines of the Warehouse, while the aluminium plates and rivets that join the sections of resin maintain the link to raw materials that dominate the rest of the building.

The warm glow of the Ring Light is produced using 40 metres of side-emitting LED strip at 3,000K and an opal diffuser, creating a light that is soft but still functional and practical.

Photo credits: Graham Gaunt