Location: The Eden Project, St. Austell
Client: Cornwall Design Season
Collaborator: Matt Hocking
Completed: February 2011

I created The Wave Hub sound and light installation in collaboration with Matt Hocking as part of the Cornwall Design Season, a twelve week showcase event in early 2011 that saw sixteen shipping containers transformed into installations by designers from around Cornwall. The Wave Hub was created alongside Infinity, installation based on the 1999 solar eclipse.

The Wave Hub installation is inspired by the eponymous Wave Hub, a revolutionary offshore infrastructure that allows companies to test new ways of generating renewable energy using marine and wind sources. The aim of the installation was to create an aural and visual experience that celebrates this exciting new aspect of Cornwall's industry.

The inner walls of the shipping container are lined with LED-lit acrylic panels, each of which is printed with a stylised pattern that emulates not only sea waves but light and sound waves. Gentle blue light travels down the length of the panels, fading in and out as the parallel lines of light flow down to meet each other at the back wall of the container. This light is followed by the sound of rushing waves, creating a sensory connection between renewable electricity and the energy of the sea.