balancing contrast

LOCATION: falmouth, UK
degree show

“I created Balancing Contrast as part of my final degree showcase. The installation, which incorporated sound, light and sculpture, sought to find the balance between order and chaos by exploring their different rhythms. Inspired by kinetic art and minimalism, I created three separate phases of Balancing Contrast, each bringing its own layer to the final experience: Order, Chaos and Equilibrium.

- Eleanor Bell


The first phase, Order, is a geometric sculpture of rigid steel, suspended in front of a stark white background. Along the length of the sculpture a slow, controlled line of bright white light moves slowly back and forth, following the sharp line of the steel. The second phase, Chaos, is dramatically different, exploring the discordant potential of light through bright colours and abstract, erratic movements caught on film. The final phase, Equilibrium, seeks to unite the contradictory natures of Order and Chaos. Drawing on the geometric form of Order and the colour and movement of Chaos, the gentle motion of the electronically animated shapes of flexible plastic tempers the intensity of its predecessors. By combining these conflicting concepts, equilibrium is reached.

Each phase of the installation is accompanied by an individual soundtrack, carefully chosen to match and intensify the emotional tempo of each piece to enhance the viewer's experience. Balancing Contrast, ultimately, is a complex and powerful installation that is both a physical experience and thought-provoking for the onlooker.