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Eleanor Bell’s work crosses the boundaries between art and engineering, and combines sculpture, lighting design and electrical expertise. By blending an artistic background with technical skill, she can provide a comprehensive service from consultation, training and design, right through to bespoke light elements and installation – saving clients time, money and stress.


Lighting Design

a tailored service

Eleanor Bell specialises in designing bespoke lighting schemes for commercial and residential projects. Whether you're looking to enhance the architecture of your space using atmospheric lighting or creating a bold statement with feature lighting, she can help you transform your environment into something spectacular.



inspirational industry events

Eleanor Bell is an inspirational, engaging and charismatic public speaker, who enjoys appearing at specialist events across the UK. Covering a range of subjects, her expertise is applicable to a host of different audiences.



+ technical advice

Eleanor is a fully qualified electrician as well as a lighting designer. She is able to demystify the jargon and communicate clearly with the client, architect and electrician, ensuring that nothing is lost in translation. With the rapid change of lighting technology, product compatibility can be a real issue, so she’ll ensure seamless integration.


Light Art

unique projects

ELEANOR BELL specialises in providing technical expertise for light art installations across the UK and, through her own artistic practice, she explores both the harmonious and discordant potential of light to alter perceptions.


Tailored Training

online + live courses

Do you want to learn how to use light to transform the spaces around you? Learn the basics in lighting design, either live or online, to gain the tools and understanding to create a successful lighting scheme in a variety of environments.


Design + Making

bespoke lighting elements

When a project calls for a unique lighting feature, Eleanor’s background in contemporary art, design and making enables her to produce statement lighting pieces that reflect the personality of the building as well as that of the client.