Location: Penryn, UK
Client: Robotmother
Architects: Peter Skerret, Marraum
Completed: June 2014

On the river's edge at Penryn sits Jubilee Warehouse. Designed with sustainability and creativity in mind, the once austere 1950s storage unit has been converted into thirteen high quality workspaces for creative professionals.

The focus of Jubilee Warehouse is its shared space, a five metre high glazed atrium in the centre of the building. With an oversize, multipurpose octagonal table, kitchenette, piano and ping pong table, this central area is intensely communal by design.

I was commissioned to design the lighting of these public spaces. With a brief focused on creating a warm, friendly atmosphere, it was also vital that the fixtures matched the industrial aesthetic of this warehouse conversion.

Much of the building is lit with LED panels and high bay LED fixtures, mounted on bespoke wall brackets designed to match the original metalwork of the building, while LED strips provide accents throughout. The focal fixture, however, is the Ring Light, an installation that hovers above the communal table in the centre of the atrium. Made in collaboration with Mark Harris Furniture, the fixture measures 2.5 metres in diameter and is constructed using eco-resin, plywood, rolled aluminium and LED strip. The Ring Light draws the eye away from the high glass ceiling, providing a warmer, more intimate atmosphere in the evenings when the abundant natural light fades.

Jubilee Warehouse has been awarded the BREEAM rating of Excellent, as well as winning Best Contribution to the Built Environment - Retrofit in the 2015 Cornwall Sustainability Awards, in recognition of the Warehouse's commitment to renewable energy and sustainability.

Photo credits: Graham Gaunt & Hugh Hastings