Location: Cornwall, UK
Completed: January 2012
Private Residence

The Light Wave is a residential installation with a familiar look. It consists of panels inspired by my Wave Hub installation at Eden, which the client had seen and loved.

The brief called for a fixture that, on a practical level, would brighten up a dim hallway in the Victorian house, but would also create a visual feature to bring life to the plain space. The Light Wave is simultaneously a practical source of light and a beautiful piece of art.

The Light Wave is a three panel installation. Featuring the stylised pattern that I designed to emulate sea, light and sound waves, each acrylic panel is lit using RGB coloured LED strip. As each panel is wired separately, they can be individually lit in a range colours to alter the atmosphere and achieve different effects.

The installation uses a simple control system, which can run a range of preset programs, the most effective of which is a gentle sequence that slowly cycles through the colours, changing almost imperceptibly from red, to pink, to purple, and so on through the spectrum.