LOCATION: cornwall, UK
CLIENT: cornwall design season

Infinity is a sound and light installation produced as part of the Cornwall Design Season in collaboration with Matt Hocking from Leap and Ulf Pedersen. Cornwall Design Season was a twelve week showcase event in early 2011 that saw sixteen shipping containers transformed into installations by Cornish designers. Infinity is a discrete, emotive sensory experience designed as a response to film artist Tacita Dean's 'Totality' (2000), a silent short film shot on 16mm, documenting the total solar eclipse of August 1999. In creating Infinity, we also sought to replicate aspects of Matt Hocking's personal experience of the eclipse over Torbay while exploring the boundless nature of light.


The interior of the shipping container that housed Infinity was completely mirrored; the floor, ceiling and walls of the space all reflected the light of the single circular fixture in the centre into infinity. The ring shaped fixture suspended from the ceiling and powered by a single solar panel, was chosen to represent the halo of light that escapes at the edge of an eclipse. The visual experience of Infinity was accompanied by a viewer-triggered soundscape that consisted of bird calls, children's laughter and crowds cheering; all reminiscent of aural memories that Matt recalled from his personal experience of the eclipse in 1999.


Photos: Eleanor Bell

Infinity is a sound & light installation created by Eleanor Bell, Matt Hocking and Ulf Pedersen for Cornwall Design Season 2011. It was made in response to Tacita Dean's film 'Totality' of the solar eclipse in 1999, combined with Matt Hocking's personal experience of the eclipse over Torbay.