About the process

Lighting has the power to completely transform the ambience of a space. The most successful lighting schemes are considered at the beginning of a project, before construction has started, so that they can be fully integrated into the build. There are six stages to the lighting design and construction process in line with the RIBA Plan of Work. They are:


Stage One: The Brief

Firstly, there are two key questions: what are your design requirements, and what could a creative lighting scheme bring to your project? An initial meeting will answer these questions. A meeting onsite is ideal to gain the best understanding of your space, but this can also be done by phone if needed. Following our discussion, you will receive a lighting design fee proposal confirming your brief and the associated costs.


Stage Two: Concept Design

The Concept Design will set out to give you the look and feel of possible lighting solutions that are the best fit for your project. It will include images and sketches illustrating proposed lighting schemes and lighting products, and an outline costing of the scheme. At the Concept Design meeting I will present mood boards for discussion and also demonstrate different lighting effects with a series of sample light fittings.


Stage Three: Design Development

The third stage of the project develops the selected designs and focuses on the practical aspects of the lighting scheme. Products will be tested and any construction details worked out with the architect or building contractor. I will create 3D renders to show the lighting levels to help you envisage how effective the scheme will be. You'll also receive a draft layout, indicating where the fixtures and controls will be located, and an estimated product costing.


Stage Four: Design Specification

During the design specification stage the details of your lighting scheme are finalised. I will produce a detailed specification for the project comprising of marked up plans, technical information and setting out drawings. It will also include product details and pricing for the light fittings. After the final sign off, it is either put out to tender or passed on to the contractors. Installation services are also available through my own team, as required.


Stage Five: Construction

The construction stage comprises of Procurement and Project Inspection. A full specification sheet of the light fittings is issued at the end of Stage 4 for the procurement. I undertake project inspection site visits throughout the build to ensure that the lighting is installed as designed - usually at the beginning of the installation when I meet with the electrical contractor to run through the specification, and then during the first and second fix.


Stage Six: Commissioning

The final commissioning ensures that the lighting is as designed and that the overall scheme is to your satisfaction. This includes identifying any snagging, overseeing the focusing of the light fittings and if applicable, the programming of the lighting control system. Once the project is completed, you will have a completely bespoke lighting scheme, tailored to you and your space.

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