Eleanor Bell Staircase Lighting Projects

Eleanor Bell Staircase Lighting Projects

Staircase Lighting

There are many ways to light a staircase! Traditionally an overhead pendant has been the only choice, and more recently small recessed wall lights evenly spaced up the stairs. But modern open plan homes have less walls and an increasing amount of glass which can make it difficult to find suitable surfaces in which to install the fittings. Concealing the lighting within the staircase can provide a neat and practical solution to this problem.


This display shows three ways LED strip can be recessed within a staircase. From left to right - within the stringer, beneath each tread and the below the handrail.

With the light source cleverly concealed, the eye is instead drawn to the surfaces being lit. Each one highlights a particular feature of the staircase and creates a different mood.

Planning is vital with integrated lighting. It is best discussed with the electrician and joiner prior to the first fix so that the cables can be hidden within the fabric of the building. Furthermore, appropriate recesses will need to be cut for the LED strip and the drivers will need to be out of sight yet still accessible.

But it is worth the extra effort. Each solution provides ample light to safely see by, yet they are more than just a wayfinding light, they are a feature in their own right. The result is a wonderfully soft ambient glow which helps to create a relaxed atmosphere in the evening.